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Hong Kong’s SCMP features the first review of the 7th album, Retrospect 七重天. See it on SCMP.COM, see it in the Sunday Morning Post Magazine (11th December 2016) or read the full text here:


Retrospect, the seventh album from Hong Kong collaborative group Celestial, is a career-spanning collection of Asian dub, overseen by long-term Hong Kong resident Peter Millward, the British musician who composed, performed on and recorded all 11 tracks. A mix of original compositions and reimaginings from the collective’s 20-year history, the spaced-out soundclash envelops the contrasting worlds of Asian culture and Jamaican dub wizardry. Nepalese trio Sur Sudha add a new vocal to the chilled-out Kanchhi Versionwhile Dead Ahead Dub has been given a completely new arrangement and vocals by former Audiotraffic lead man Adrian Da Silva. With its film-noir vibe, Retrospectworks as a wonderful soundtrack for the dark clouds sailing over our city. Moody strings, minimalist keys and reverberant melodicas echo a confusing uncertainty over a deep dub bass, but with snippets of recordings collected throughout Hong Kong and beyond over the previous 25 years, a musical silver lining is always threatening to break through the bleakness.


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